Welcome to the new home of All-Scale Models. Here you will find many products and services we offer to help build, equip, finish and accessorize your models. We specialize in scale jets,  helicopters and warbirds, as well as high performance sports aircraft. Our Voy-Tech series of RC MFD and HUD screens, bring an unprecedented level of realism and function to your model cockpit. Fully autonomous animatronic pilots and cockpit lighting take things to an even greater level or realism! Our professional build and finish services that will make any model stand out above and beyond. Be it high end sport performance, or museum quality scale replicas, the sky is the limit. We are in the process of developing many many more new products and accessories..so please check back often for the latest from ALL-SCALE !

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News / Updates

April 2014: All-Scale Models is now a Composite-ARF / CARF dealer.

Please contact us for any of your CARF models needs and requests. We also offer a full line of cockpits and accessories for most CARF models, including working MFD screens and 3d printed detail.  

(732) 385-9155


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April-2013 Voy-Tech RC-MFD is now ALL-SCALE Models

Voy-Tech RC-MFD is now ALL-SCALE Models! we are continuing to produce and sell all of the instrumentation screens, as well as introducing many many new items to the Scale Modeling marketplace. There are many new products being currently released and many more in development. ALL-SCALE has also partnered with most top vendors in bringing you with a one stop shop for everything you may need related to scaling out your model aircraft. We also now provide full Pro-Build services for any scale or high performance models, including custom paint & finish. MORE

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April-2013 ALL-SCALE partners with Metal-Morphous

We are proud to be partnered with Metal-Morphous Inc and are handling this incredible thermal metal-plating product/service for the modeling industry. Aluminum plating an aircraft is now possible with often times less weight gain than paint, and lower weight that peel-n-stick foil alternatives. ALL-SCALE provide Aluminum Plating for anything from individual parts and accessories, all the way through entire aircraft. Please see our "Services" section for more information, pictures and pricing.


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Metal-Morph Plating

Metal-Morphous : Real Metal thermal plating and detail finish.

All-SCALE Models is proud to be the official Metal-Morphous integrator for the modeling industry. We can aluminum plate and detail anything from small parts to entire aircraft seamlessly.( or most other metals for that matter ) Incomparably more realistic and durable  than any foil or imitation paint.  MORE

Voy-Tech RC-MFD

ALL-SCALE is the new home for Voy-Tech RC-MFD

The Voy-Tech RC-MFD line of model MFD & HUD displays is now part of ALL-SCALE Models. We are continuing to develop new displays and features.  MORE

Years of building and flying experience

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Working Scale MFD Screens

Get as close to the real thing as you can ... in miniature form .

We have the highest quality crisp vibrant animated MFD instrument screens for any modern model project. From Jets to Helis, these are perfect to bring any cockpit to life! 

Custom Pro Building

It can never be scale enough! .

Whatever the aircraft, All-Scale models can provide you with scaled out cockpits, and cockpit acessories. . .  anything from WWI through modern day aircraft. MORE


Scale Details

Its the little details that make a huge difference.

Whatever the subject, All-Scale can build, finish and detail it. We can also fabricate custom parts and pieces for your prized masterpieces.